Our goal is to melbourne and around  removing old vehicles that threaten and harm our environment, by applying our best efforts to make the process as concern (and cost) as possible.Just call us and we pick up your vehicle for recycling completely free and environmentally friendly.

Melbourne Car Removal Vision

At Car  removal melbourne we aim to be an environmentally responsible group dedicated to providing the most precious gift: a clean and healthy environment for us, our children, and the generations to come.
We have grown into a company that is known for its veracity and emphasis on not only being fair in our payouts, but by providing excellent service to our customers. We may deal in scraps, but our work and attitudes are vintage, classic and authentic.

Car Removal with wrecking experience.

With over 10 years experience, melbourne car removal has developed the most appropriate method of disposing of old, broken, unwanted’ve been damaging our environment vehicles wrecked. From broken engines, rusty cars, wrecked cars to cars that do not belong lost on your screen, our heavy equipment are capable of removing anything.No other vehicle disposal company in the region of Melbourne compared with cash for trash. Our staff is fully licensed and insured and offer nothing less than excellent service.